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Design and digital culture contribute significantly to the way Dutch society defines, manifests and develops itself. A well-preserved, open and accessible archive is therefore a precondition for the design discipline in order to meet the task assigned to it by Dutch culture and society. The Network Archives Design and Digital Culture has therefore been created as a partnership between heritage organisations including Het Nieuwe Instituut, knowledge and research institutions, and individual archives of Dutch design heritage.

The Network Archives Design and Digital Culture (NADD) is working toward an accessible archive for design and digital culture that collects the knowledge and strengths of museum and heritage organisations, educational, cultural and research institutions, designers, governments and other partners. The network lays a solid foundation for sharing insight and experience and for the joint development of new knowledge.

This network is based on the unifying capacity of its individual partners and the specialist knowledge of multiple parties. It focuses on making the existing public activities and programming of all network partners visible and stronger, and, where necessary, contributes to the supplementation or development of new programmes.


Archives at Risk

NADD at Dutch Desig Week 2022

This year at Dutch Design Week: the Archives at Risk exhibition, presented by Network Archives Design and Digital Culture (NADD). With the help of a number of endangered archives, the exhibition illustrates the importance of an accessible and well-preserved Dutch ‘design memory’.

Launch event Network Archives Design and Digitical Culture

On 17 December 2020, the Network Archives Design and Digitical Culture officially launches with an online programme.


The Archive of the Future

How does artificial intelligence (AI) view a digital archive? Together with Het Nieuwe Institiuut and VPRO Tegenlicht, designer and artist Richard Vijgen has been researching these questions over the past few months. Vijgen conducted design research into the possible role of artificial intelligence in opening up and presenting digital heritage collections.

NADD Research Residency 2022

Open Call

The Network Archives Design and Digital Culture invites applications for a Research Residency taking place over the three-month period September – November 2022. The residency programme aims to explore the potential of networked infrastructures for archival practices in design and digital culture.

What might we learn by archiving these domains through decentralised structures? What tensions might such approaches uncover? And what challenges might they pose?