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This year at Dutch Design Week: the Archives at Risk exhibition, presented by Network Archives Design and Digital Culture (NADD). In this exhibition, the network makes palpable how personal designer archives can be, and how vulnerable such design heritage is in the Netherlands. Collectively, the five featured archives show the richness of the national design memory. Designers or their heirs tell us in their own words what it means to create or maintain a design archive, opening up about the painful prospect of the collection being lost if there is nobody to take care of it.

19:00 – 21:00
Het Nieuwe Instituut

The Network of Archives for Design and Digital Culture (NADD) takes Amsterdam’s pioneering De Digitale Stad (The Digital City) project, revisited in the exhibition Designing the Social, as a departure point for discussing the relevance of preserving digital culture. The evening will focus on questions surrounding the social dimensions of archiving in the field. Marleen Stikker (founder of Waag and De Digitale Stad) will tell something about the principles and ideals of De Digitale Stad, Tjarda de Haan (researcher and archivist) talks about excavating and unlocking De Digitale Stad, Kees Teszelszky (conservator Digital Collections) presents examples from the XS4ALL homepage collection of the National Library of The Netherlands, and Florian van Zandwijk will take the audience on a live guided tour through online platforms, old and new. The evening will be moderated by Katía Truijen.

19:30 – 21:00
Studentenhotel Eindhoven

During Dutch Design Week 2021, the Network Archives Design and Digital Culture (NADD) is organising an event about using and reinterpreting design heritage. Experienced practitioners, including designers Bas van Beek and Toon Koehorst, director of the Van Abbemuseum Charles Esche and NADD programme manager Brigitte Jansen, discuss the ways they use archive materials, and how they give them a new interpretation. The event will be moderated by Flora van Gaalen, head of programme at Het Nieuwe Instituut.

16:30 – 18:00
Online - Zoom

How do you go about preserving lived experiences — whether virtual or real? On 5 October, the Network Archives Design and Digital Culture (NADD) is hosting a workshop outlining a number of strategies for preserving living memory. The workshop will examine case studies from the domains of oral history and virtual reality.

How does a programme-led institution start its own archive? Which tools and roadmaps can help? On 15 June, the first knowledge session of the Network Archives Design and Digital Culture (NADD) will set you on your way. The programme consists of various presentations by the Dutch Digital Heritage Network (NDE) and DEN, a Dutch knowledge institute for culture and digital transformation.