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Following an open call for proposals, three projects have been selected for the 2022 Network Archives Design and Digital Culture (NADD) research residency. With this residency, NADD aims to explore the potential of decentralised structures for archival practices in design and digital culture. This year’s selected projects are Playable Archives by Sara Culmann, Diagrammatic Temporalities in Memory Landscapes by Maxigas, and How to Publish an Archive in Pluriform? by Outline. The residents will develop their research from September to November, with support from a number of NADD’s partner organisations.

Playable Archives

Playable Archives approaches archival material through the lens of a user who creates storylines through the course of their browsing journey. The project departs from an interest in personal moderation of visual culture and the traces of individual decisions. Drawing on approaches from game studies and mechanics used in role playing games, the project explores archives as pretexts for play. What if we consider the entire archive as a playing field? What if we turn all collected items into game assets? What if we dive into data as a game character? А candid character, a greedy character, a seducer, an appropriator, a provocateur or a successor? This approach opens pathways to make connections across and beyond individual archives.

Sara Culmann

How do economic and scientific changes give birth to mixed feelings of frustration and excitement, angst and hope? How does the development of knowledge convince us to make mistakes?

Sara Culmann is a visual artist, designer and researcher who graduated from the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam. Her research areas of interest include game studies, the semantics of digital tools and media, and historical parallels and intersections. In her work, she reflects on the existential impact of the cult of progress, scientific knowledge and information bias. She uses speculative narratives and works closely with cultural clichés, imprints and found content.


Outline is a floating collective and publishing platform for virtual, sonic and printed matter that aims to create interventions within intermediate spaces, to facilitate and accelerate an exchange by connecting ideas, artefacts, individuals and localities.

NADD Research Residency

The NADD research residency aims to explore the potential of decentralised structures for archival practices in design and digital culture. What might we learn by archiving these domains in decentralised and distributed ways? What tensions might such approaches uncover? And what challenges do they pose? Selected residents will each develop a project that addresses an aspect of these issues. Their research will bridge material from two or more different archives. The residency runs from September to November 2022, after which the outcomes of the projects will be published – in the first instance online, in the NADD web magazine.