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Launch of the Network Archives Design and Digitale Culture

Online event

On 17 December 2020, the Network Archives Design and Digital Culture was officially launched with an online event that introduced the network's programme of activities. Watch it here.

The Archive of the Future

The past seen through artificial eyes

How does artificial intelligence (AI) view a digital archive? Does it see connections that we don’t see? What patterns does it reveal? Can AI be a guide, or a curator? Together with Het Nieuwe Institiuut and VPRO Tegenlicht, designer and artist Richard Vijgen has been investigating these questions.

The Added Value of Archiving for Design and Digital Culture

Advancing practices and disciplines

Archives are about much more than just the passive preservation of finished products. The added value of archiving for designers and digital culture makers is that it can advance their own practice or discipline – for example, by finding inspiration and depth in someone else's archive, or reflecting on one's own.

Thematic Archiving: How to Make Choices

A dilemma related to composition and accessibility

One of the most important dilemmas for NADD (the Network for Archives of Design and Digital Culture) is how it makes choices. These are not only technical dilemmas but also – and more pressingly – choices relating to the composition and accessibility of archives.