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The digital as an entrance to the physical

To achieve this, the Sundaymorning@ekwc archive will first be digitised. The first step has been taken: a passionate team of volunteers scans and organises the thousands of slides. The digital publication of the images will take place in a later stage. Thöne: At this stage it is not important to me whether we present the archive attractively. If I manage to make this knowledge digital and shareable, the biggest hurdle has already been overcome. I have a vision of the future users of the archive in my mind and tailor the plans to their wishes, otherwise we will soon have a digital archive that nobody can make sense of. I also work with partners who advise us on how to make this accessible and how to make it user-friendly. By wandering, you can also end up somewhere else.

Kappler agrees with Thöne: she also sees value in the digital as an entrance to the physical archive, but not as a substitute. I agree with the archive is being digitised, but it can, or perhaps should, be just a prequel to actually visiting the archive,” says Kappler.

Residents as archive of the future

The opening up of the Sundaymorning@ekwc archive is still in the first phase. The organisation is working together with, among others, DEN, NADD and its partners. Collaborations are important in this process, because in this way knowledge about ceramics can be bundled, while making the archive accessible. This is two-sided. On the one hand, the existing archive is digitised: slides are scanned, correspondence is processed and everything is structured in a clear, public interface. On the other hand, the archive is made future-proof.

The current residents are creating new archive material every minute. Thöne is currently working on policies to collect this on a daily basis, also in collaboration with the residents of the work centre: We are raising awareness in our current residents that they are creating our future archive. Everything they leave with us will be added to this. If they do this in a certain, conscious way, the archive will be even more valuable in the future.